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MACH15, CH. ADCH, NATCH Topshelf Pizzazz UD, TDX, HSAs, OF (Ariba) - Dam
MACH4 ADCH FDCH Hob Nob Ketch The Wave (Surf)  - Sire

Her new owner is Heidi spiegel
I named my puppy Cruise.  I have had people say-I'll bet you named her after Tom Cruise.
  Now that's a very handsome thought-but not quite where her name comes from. 
 Cruise is named after a dog I knew.  The original Cruise was a huge Saint Bernard. 
Kind of a slobbery guy-but almost more character and personality that any one dog should have. 
He would ride around in his owner's pickup truck with him-you never saw one without the other.
Then too-if you look the word "cruise" up in the dictionary-one of the definitions is to fly at optimum speed and efficiency. 
 I plan on raising Cruise to participate in the sport of dog agility and this just sounded like
a real good way for an agility dog to run at optimum speed and efficiency.



completed the requirements for her

MACH on 6-26-09

2009 Border Collie National Specialty

Top Twenty Agility Competition

Third Place!



                             Click on the Border Collie to see Cruise's

                                 Maiden Voyage on Sheep.  She thinks these wooly animals are cool.


Flying Low Through the Weave Poles.

Cruise was appropriately named.....like in a Cruise Missile.

Click on the BC below to see Exc. Std run August 2008.

Click on the BC below to see her Exc. JWW run November 2008.


More videos of Cruise can be seen on youtube.com under the tag word of masonk9nikki

Moonshots Photography

Christmas 2010
Cruise, Heidi, Mason and Nikki




Click on Cruise's Picture to

The Left To See

Cruise The First Year