OTCH Jetta TD, 
Can. UD, HIC


2-18-80 TO 12-27-92


Jetta was a rather ambitious Belgian Tervuren.  She was a natural when it came to Obedience.

Jetta was the 8th OTCH Belgian Tervuren and 2nd OTCH - TD Terv Bitch.  She was the Highest Scoring Tervuren Bitch in Obedience of all times according to the American Belgian Tervuren Club in 1984.  She is pictured twice in The Complete Belgian Tervuren as well as being listed elsewhere in the book. 

She obtained her Obedience Trial Championship in just 10 shows.  She obtained 5 Dog World
Awards, only missing the 6th , the American U.D. and obtained this title in 4 shows with scores above 195 out of 200.   She was a multiple High in Trial Dog winner and had many 199.5 scores out of 200 to her credit. 


In addition to competing in Obedience, Jetta obtained her Tracking Dog title and her Herding Instinct Certificate. 

Jetta was a great therapy dog at our local nursing home.
She had many tricks that she loved to perform for her