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MACH15, CH. ADCH, NATCH Topshelf Pizzazz UD, TDX, HSAs, OF (Ariba) - Dam
MACH4 ADCH FDCH Hob Nob Ketch The Wave (Surf) - Sire

His new owner is Terry Smorch

Congratulations Terry and Presto for your many accomplishments at your First USDAA National Event - 2008
European Standard - 5th Place
Team Standard - 7th Place
Steeplechase Semi Finals - 14th Place
Steeplechase Finals -11th Place
Grand Prix Semi Finals -7th Place
Grand Prix Finals - 5th Place


26" Class    
1st Daisy Peel & Solar 0 faults/31.42 seconds
2nd Linda Mecklenburg & Wonder 0 faults/32.05 seconds
3rd Terry Smorch & Presto 0 faults/32.19 seconds

Click link below to see Terry and Presto's Cynosport Grand Prix Fall 2010 run.


2010 USDAA National Rankings

11th Master Gambler
3rd Master Jumpers
11th Master Snooker
14th Master Standard

Presto completed the requirement for his ADCH on 6-28-08
Presto completed the requirement for his MACH on 12-5-08
Presto completed the requirement for his MACH2 on 10-2-09

World Team Tryouts 2009

Link to youtube video.  Presto is second dog to run in this video


World Team Tryouts 2010

Terry Smorch and Presto win their way on to the AKC Agility World Team
Large Dog division and will be competing in Reiden, Germany.

Click on the Shining Star for the link to the December 2010
AKC Gazette article that features Presto on the
at the beginning of the article.  How cool is that.


Links to 2010 Agility World Championships runs of Team Standard and Team Jumpers
of Terry and Presto in Reiden, Germany

Jumpers  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=--ax8Vy-vVo

Standard   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dGrxIrsLH3g

There were 31 Teams entered comprised of 3 handlers and dogs.  Out of 93 dogs,
only 13 dogs and handlers ran clean on both rounds.  Terry and Presto were in that group.
Placed 10th in Jumpers and 21st in Standard.

Click on Star below to see 2010 AKC Agility World Team Bio

2011 AKC Agility National Championships

Third Place in the 26th inch division

Some cool pictures of Presto




Click on Presto's Picture To

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The First Year In Review.