Lady Mara
    Can. CDX












I would like to dedicate my Web Pages to my first dog……..


Mara was my first dog.  After seeing Lady and the Tramp as a child, I thought a Cocker Spaniel would be a great dog.  Mara was a great inspiration in my life.  She helped to open up a new world of dog training, friends across the nation……had me traveling to places I never thought I would visit and helped me become the person who I am today.

She was purchased from a Buyer’s Guide and was advertised as a rare white Cocker Spaniel….actually she was Parti-Colored.  She was an old-time Cocker. Stable temperament.  Loved everyone but she was basically a one person dog…mine.

She exceeded my expectations time and time again. She was my first Obedience dog.  She went from Novice A to become an Obedience Trial Champion among very tough Midwest competition.  She was the second Obedience Trial Champion Cocker Spaniel. She was the #1 Cocker Spaniel in the United States in Obedience under the Delaney System in 1984. She had several High In Trial awards. She made a TV commercial for the Dane County Humane Society and was their featured "Poster Dog", which after making this was affectionately known as "Furrah Fawcett". We were a great team. She was very forgiving of all of my beginner mistakes. I wish she were still around as I do miss her dearly, but she is gone to play now.

Thank You Mara for helping me to become me.



The snow queen.      

Mara enjoyed romping around in the snow.

Mara was also quite the trick dog too.