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Speed Demons Rules

1.  You must train your dog to fast *away* from the equipment.  Play the Ready, Set, Go game.

2.  Must obtain this improved behavior before totally expecting it on the equipment.

3.  Small criteria will equal LARGE results.  Play the chase game.  Have the dog in a sit stay and then release to chase you and treat when they get there or play with a toy.  This means you can work *fast* at home without any equipment and do it a couple times a day for only a couple minutes.  Leave the dog wanting for more!!!  Don't work till they are tired.  You want FUN to equal FAST.

4.  Once you have FAST on the flat...then go the obstacles.

5.  With increased confidence the fast behavior will come. Don't expect overnight results.  Most of you would not be comfortable learning how to drive for the first time on the Chicago Expressway!

6.  When developing faster behaviors....start to expect that you may get some off courses that you never expected before.  You need to adjust your body language to compensate for their new found speed.  Off courses means that they are now working faster and a little ahead of you.  What body language they worked off of before is not now adequate.  You will learn and grow as a team.

7.  Remember.....DO NOT...become frustrated with your dog when he is not exactly right.  This is a learning process for the both of you.  If you do so...you are then taking a step back in time...as again the dog will believe it is more important to be *correct* and thus will slow down to accommodate and do the right thing rather than disappointing you.

8.  Front cross rather than rear cross to help motivate your dog.  You will need rear crosses in your bag of tricks, but use them sparingly for the Velcro dogs in the beginning.

9.  Remember....Attitude = 100%.  Train for it!!!

10.  Reward correct behavior immediately and with enthusiasm.