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 A Cindy Brick Seminar

This seminar is for dogs that are in Need of Speed.  Specifically designed for dogs that are having difficulty making course times.  Learn to train "In Drive".  Learn how to increase your dog's speed through motivational techniques.  Learn how to develop course handling strategies to improve your team performance.  We can help you achieve that "fast" dog speed of chasing a ball or chasing a squirrel and put this type of effort into your agility performance.!!!  Learn the Speed Demons Rules to increase your potential at achieving a speedier performance.  I had an article published in Clean Run in the June 2007 issue, which is the basis for this seminar.

This seminar came from many desires.  Raven my first Border Collie was trained in Obedience first.  She was my first agility dog and oh so forgiving of all my beginner mistakes so there is always hope.  Our first venue that we showed in was NCDA (National Club for Dog Agility) back in 1992 which is now known as UKC agility.  In the NCDA agility venue....speed was not a priority.  A much more precise idea of going on straight to the contacts and coming off straight.  If you came off crooked it cost you points.  So with my Obedience background this was quite easy although it did not lend to a whole lot of speed.  A friend of mine, Debbie McNamara enticed me into trying USDAA agility.  We did fine until we hit the Master's level.  Raven's first run in Master's USDAA Standard was clean but 0.34 hundreds of a second over time.  Oh Drats!!!  My priority then became to increase her speed.

This also enticed me to create a Speed Class based on the Crazy Go Nuts class which originated in Minnesota.  One of our graduates from our First TeamBrick Speed Class has gone onto achieve his NADAC Championship.  The times in the Elite class are quite stringent................but Forrest (Australia Shepherd) & Heather Varco were able to prove that there are an Elite agility team.  Another member of the first class is Kathy Schuh and Gunner (Border Terrier).   Gunner finished his AKC MACH title and is now working towards his MACH2!!!  Gunner is like a little business man banker...............he goes to work in his business suit everyday.  He carries an umbrella everyday just in case of rain...he is the type to always be prepared....he does not laugh at off colored jokes because his personality is just too straight up and down.............he is a serious fellow.   BUT............with the Speed Demons class we have taught Gunner how to have FUN......although he will never let it all hang out..........he has learned how to let loose.  His normal times before the Speed Class were being over course time by 6-10 seconds and now coming in 18 seconds under course time in AKC Standard.  He has learned to have FUN and almost be a party animal.  There are many success stories coming out of this class and the Speed Demons seminar.  Come and join in the fun and learn how to achieve your goals with your special partner.  Click on Gunner's name to see a video of the Speedy Gunner


Special Features: This seminar is limited to 12 participants.  A pre-seminar survey is sent out to help determine exactly what needs are the most prevalent for these 12 individuals.  The seminar exercises are based on those specific needs.  The seminar also includes a video analysis.  The videos are sent in ahead of time and evaluated by myself to help determine what the actual problems are in how the dog and handler are working together.  Each participant is given a written analysis of their runs with suggestions for areas of improvements.  The video analysis is limited to 2 runs.  With having a chance to review the handler and the dog  it gives myself the opportunity to evaluate the problems ahead of time, not trying to sift through the issues during the seminar which then lends itself to more working time.   In addition to the  usual training exercises we a do a segment on course analysis and what approaches are more likely to result in   a qualifying run.  A post seminar survey is sent out by email following each seminar to help enhance future seminars.

Video Analysis Samples



  Body language will guide the dog on which obstacle to take. 
  Dog's will follow body language first then the verbal commands. 

  Run more rather than stand and direct.  This means in a pinwheel get out
  and run along side the jumps rather than send her out to the jumps with
   you hardly moving.  Your movement will provide the incentive for her to go faster. 

   After her runs she needs a party to celebrate no matter what she did.
    You have to convince her that she is having a blast. 





                In this sequence you chose to run the line from 1 to 2 and
                pull to #3 and then to send over #4 which then ended up
                having you rear cross on #4.  The solid line in the diagram
                is your path.  You stood and waited on the bottom side of
                #4 and any time you stand still it is causing your dog to
                slow down.  Even if you ran with her from the start line
                 you could have gotten a front cross in on the landing side
                 of #2 and this would  have you send over #3 and pull to
                #4. This would have put you ahead of the game on course.







With no lead out you can run on the inside of #1 and #2.  You would put a front cross in between #2 and #3.  Push out to #4 and do a front cross on the landing side of #5.  You would then drive over #6 and turn for #7.  In between #6 and #7 you would be calling your dog’s name to get their attention and then do a front cross on the landing side of #8.  This is a little tricky and it just might be as well for you to stay on the inside of #8 and #9 to give you a little more room to get a better weave pole entry.  When walking a course ALWAYS walk the dog’s path.  The off course from the jump after the weaves is because there was not enough intervention before.

When she was heading for the jump #11 you should have been calling her name to help redirect her attention off of the wrong tunnel entrance.  With her more focused in on you, you then can use your body language to help pull her into the correct tunnel entrance.  So you have stuffed her in the tunnel and will then move to the other side of #13 and be ahead of her to do a front cross to have her not even look at the off course dummy jump.  So she is now in tunnel #14 and you move to either side of jump #15 ….the landing side would be better and put you more ahead of the game.  From there it is just a nice sweep out to the end of the course.  Go back and watch your tape and I think you will find that you will be able to make it to all those areas to complete the crosses.  Use of front crosses can make the course flow better and help to take traps out of the way.  Drive her more.  Call her name more.  Keep her actively interested in you.  Not so much cheerleading but rather being a leader. 


Post Seminar Survey Reports

Hi Cindy, I just wanted to complement you on your presentation of Tuesdays'  "Speed Demons"seminar.
I came to the session with an attitude of skepticism about how much useful and long term change
can be accomplished with a one-day intensive class. You made motivational training a day of
shared fun and learning for Katy and me and I came away convinced that continued follow - thru
on my part will result in quicker course times for us in future agility trials.  I can only say that I would not hesitate to recommend any future training you offer to anyone who is genuinely seeking speed improvements in their dogs' run times.
Thanks once more to you and your canine pals for a truly rewarding and fun-filled day. Best wishes
and hopes for future success to you and your pups.
Jim & Katy (German Shepherd)   Wisconsin


We've only had a few weekends of trials around here.  We are certainly not the mecca of agilty trials.  But in the last two trials I think I managed to scrounge up 3 DQ's and about 50 MACH points.  For us that is good.  We are getting better.  We now are running about 11-12 seconds under standard time and about 7-8 seconds under jumpers time.  And, the big bonus is that he is much happier running.  He's still a bit slow off the start line....but even that is improving.  I think it gets better every trial.  We're on our way.  Before I was contemplating giving it up and now I think we can go on and I actually enjoy trials now!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Karen and Nugget (Irish Water Spaniel)  Nebraska


I attended your speed seminar in July with Ripley.  We competed in an AKC trial this past weekend, and I wanted to give you some feedback.  In our Ex B JWW run on Saturday, I remembered the things we worked on in your seminar on earlier front crosses, pre-cueing the crosses and generally whooping it up as we ran.  He ran an incredible course, clean and 9 seconds under SCT, earning a fourth place ribbon.  This was an unbelievable performance for us.  We typically either just make course time in JWW, or miss time by 2 to 6 seconds.  Being 9 seconds under (on a technically difficult course) had me walking on air the rest of the day.  Thank you for your help! 
Joanne and Ripley -Miniature Schnauzer  (Michigan)


Cindy, I especially appreciated the effort that you put into the seminar beforehand with the video analysis.  You spent time learning our problems so that when we arrived I, at least, felt comfortable in getting down to business and didn't feel that I had to explain anything about my problems and I felt that I knew you too.   When you only have a day, time matters and I feel that we jumped right into doing what we needed to do.  You answered each question with clear answers.
Lynn and Morgan -
Miniature Schnauzer  (Michigan)


As an endorsement to the seminar, in Souix Falls I tried to do front crosses.  The first run we Q'd and were under by 11 seconds.   On the whole I don't think you need to change a thing, very informative and lots of work time.
Dixie and Ru - Miniature Pinscher  (Minnesota)


I thought the exercises were good for reminding me of my timing and how important it is and our physical placement. I appreciated your evaluation of Liza and me from my video. I also appreciated your fairness in giving everyone equal time to work with their dog. I have been to some seminars where it seems a chosen few get to work so much more then others, but not so with your seminars. I thank you for that as well.  I think you covered pretty much everything I was in need of working on.
Barb and Liza - Airedale Terrier (Wisconsin)


Just want to thank you for all you help both on the courses as well as when you observed Freya and me interacting.  I feel confident that we can overcome OUR issues and move forward and it is input like yours that will help me be the partner I need to be.  Freya knows the 'touch' game so we will continue doing that as you showed me and I will work on my commands being much more timely on the course---I think that will help Freya focus more on the job at hand than on other things.  I was glad she ran to visit you because I learned that for an instant I wasn't really into her and I need to make me that much more interesting when those distractions loom in front of her.  Thanks again for a very enjoyable, informative day!!!  I will work getting distance and making that a great thing to do.
Judy and Freya - Boxer (Minnesota)


TeamBrick Motto:  Be Determined in Achieving Your Goals.