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I love my Printer   This is the trouble I have had with my printer lately. 

The Drunk and New Wave Technology  Just a hint.  I think farts are funny.  :)

Wisconsin Winter Driving.   Gotta love it. 

Wedded Bliss      Not!!!   Hilarious...but warning foul language included.

Garbage Men   Go to Full Screen and watch the ending closely.

Bad Dog    Bud Light Commercial  Border Collie versus Border Terrier.

A Wisconsin Winter Video  For those that live in snowy climates.  You will love!

Great Speeding Ticket Video Link  Cindy - who has talked her way out of 10 speeding tickets. 

Fed-Ex Stick Commercial - Talk about a bad day at the office.

The Evolution of Dance - Too cool not to watch.  Great music - Great moves.

BC Start Line - Great Video from the World Agility Championships of 2006.

Learn Another Language - Funny commercial.

Hospital Humor   Just being a nurse...I can relate to this one.

Dog People Humor   Oh well...dog people will find this funny.

Invisible Fence Humor  So you drink beer and own dogs????

Dancing Dog -  This looks like they are both having a great time!!!!!!