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The Princess Diary














     July 7, 2005.  I am whisked away upon an airline flight to sunny Tampa, Florida.  I am going to meet
                            "The Chosen One."  They tell me his name is Surf. 

     I am told that he is soon to become a world class traveler as he and his partner Wendy Pape will be a
     part of the USA / AKC World Agility Team.  They will be traveling to Spain in September 2005.

     I am very intrigued by his awesome credentials.  He has his FlyBall Dog Championship.
     He is a USDAA Agility Dog Champion and in the AKC venue he has his MACH2.

                                                        At our first meeting I fell in love!!!!

   Since I have the nickname of "The Princess", I thought he should have one too.
So it became that Surf's nickname is "The Big Kahuna."



    August 4, 2005.   We take a short trip to a nearby city for an
    ultrasound.  They tell me that there are 3 puppies that they can
    see.  Friends later tell us that the number is not exactly the
    correct number of puppies but just an estimate.  

    I am told that this will become the Royal Palace for the puppies.
    I haven't the heart to tell them that someone forgot to fill up the pool with water.







       August 7, 2005.  Cindy's sister Jill delivered a present. Since she
       wasn't sure about the boy and girl thing she brought over both!
       How special.  

       Cindy is getting a ton of emails from friends and family wishing us
       the best....and Cindy is hoping for more girls than boys.  I am
        not sure I can do anything about this.........but I will try my best.