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           MACH15, CH. ADCH, NATCH Topshelf Pizzazz UD, TDX, HSAs, OF (Ariba) - Dam
MACH4 ADCH FDCH Hob Nob Ketch The Wave (Surf) - Sire


Chica is out of Ariba and Surf.  This was the first litter that I have bred.  Ariba had 4 pups.  2 boys and 2 girls.  We had  a theme of The Royal Family since Ariba has always thought she was Princess Diana.  The pups were named King Arthur, Queen Guinevere, Sir Lancelot and Lady Godiva.   I have a tendency to go with the girls.  Well it did not take me long to decide who it would be.  So much for scientific puppy testing.  Queen Guinevere was 3.5 weeks old when she followed me for about 100 ft. one way as I went to pick up something and then followed me back the same route  while all the other pups sat amid 3 other people who were lavishing attention on them.  She busted out of the puppy pen to find me busy in the kitchen making the puppy breakfast a few days after that.  She picked me out.  You are my person and that is how it went.  She is my dog.  As for the name..............my youngest agility student Aschley Jurgella gave me the nickname of Chica Brickster.  Well if you look at all the dog's previous names...........Mara, Jetta, Misha, Ariba......it seemed quite natural that this dog should be named Chica.  As always my dog's have nicknames.  Her is Cheeker Bees.  Often times just called Bees.  Recently we added another nickname - Chiquita.  She seems like this one as well.

Chica excells in anything we have attempted.  She is now a VCD3

Effective January 1, 2001 the American Kennel Club is recognizing dogs that show versatility in Companion Events by earning a combination of titles in obedience, agility and tracking.  

The AKC will permit the use of the letters following the name of each registered dog that completes titles as follows:
Versatile Companion Dog 1 (VCD1) - CD, NA, NAJ, TD
Versatile Companion Dog 2 (VCD2) - CDX, OA, OAJ, TD
Versatile Companion Dog 3 (VCD3) - UD, AX, AXJ, TDX
Versatile Companion Dog 4 (VCD4) - UDX, MX, MXJ, VST


Tracking is one of my first loves.  It is so easy to teach a young dog to track. 
We were very lucky to get into our first test  for her TD (Tracking Dog)
and pass on 10-10-06!!!

Chica just like her mother Ariba loves to track FAST!!!!!!!!!
She completed her track in 4 minutes.
It is amazing that they can hit all the corners at this speed and do it well.

Chica completed her TDX on 10-21-07.  This was her third test entered in.
She drew the third track.  Our tracklayer happened to have a dog
named Chica.  How unusual.  We passed easily on this day.
The usual pass rate for the TDX is 17%.  So it is a very
difficult title to obtain. 





                     Chica's Sheep Herding Progress

                         Click on the herding picture to view.

Chica knows more about sheep than I do.

She is quite the natural.


AKC Herding

Herding Started A- Sheep

Chica received 2 legs towards her Herding Started A title on sheep on 5-10 & 5-11-08.  You need a score of at least 60 out of 100 pts. to qualify.  Her first leg was a score of 80, since Cindy was unclear about the rules of this game despite reading the Herding Trial Regulations.  The judge the next day gave us more precise information and we improved our score to 97 which was good for a First Place and also went HIGH IN TRIAL!!!!   She completed her title on 9-27-09 in just 3 trials. _________________________________________________________________________

Herding Started A- Ducks

 I never thought I would try herding.  The sheep are big, dumb fluffy things that have no problem running over you.  My friend Cheryl talked me into trying ducks.  Well, let's look at this.  Ducks are pretty small.  If they run into you they cannot kill you.  The do not move at 100 miles per hour like sheep.  Sheep do not give you time to read what they are thinking...they just look, flick their ears and run.  Ducks on the other hand just waddle.  When ducks get mad they just quack.  So we decided to give herding ducks a try.  On 9-27-08 was Chica's first attempt at a trial duck run and she obtained a score of 93 which was good for First Place and High in Trial.  On 9-28-09 she passed her second duck run with a score of 99.  Cindy was the one who lost that one point by opening the pen to early.  She again placed First and garnered the High in Trial as well.  Completed this title on 5-0-09 in just 3 trials.

Click on the Cute Duck

Picture to View Chica's

99 score duck run which was good for High in Trial on 9-28-08


                                Herding Started B- Ducks                          

5-9-09 First Leg
5-10-09  Second Leg
9-26-09 Third Leg - handled by Cheryl Leatherman

Click on Chica and Duck picture to see last leg of her
Herding Started B Ducks title - Handled by Cheryl Leatherman

Chica loves to

do her very careful

walk up.



AKC Master Agility Championship

Chica started showing on 9-22-07 and took 53 weeks go from Novice to her first MACH TITLE!!!

 Our goal at this point is maintain her contact criteria by reinforcing her contacts in the ring to help maintain this behavior over the lifetime of her career.  So far as of yet she has not had many quick releases.

 First DQ on 1-20-08 to 9-26-08
 Finished in 39 days of trials.
Upon completion of her 20th DQ she had 1,418 MACH points.
Her most Double Qualifiers in a row were 4 - done twice


Click on the BC picture for Chica's JWW for her MACH on 9-26-08.
In this run she had her fastest YPS at 6.55.
Out of the 27 Exc. B JWW runs she placed in every run that she completed for this MACH.  She had
21 First Places, 5 Second Places and 1 Fourth Place.


Click on the BC picture for Chica's Std run for her MACH on 9-26-08.
The ending includes her MACH run in which she has a grand time
being a very proud and mischievous puppy.
What can I say other than we both have a great time together!!!

First DQ on 10-4-08 to 7-24-09
 Finished in 32 days of trials.
Upon completion of her 40th DQ she had  2,831 MACH points.
Her most Double Qualifiers in a row were 6





USDAA Agility
 Chica excelled in USDAA agility.
  She flew through her Starters, Advanced
and MAD title in just 2 weekends each.  
One of her Grand Prix legs she placed First and was entitled to a "Bye" into a local Regional Qualifier. 
Completed ADCH title on 10-4-09.
She went from Starters to completing her ADCH in
only 10 weekends and 1 day of trials.




First DQ on 8-28-09 to 6-19-10
 Finished in 38 days of trials.
Upon completion of her 60th DQ she had  4,482 MACH points.
Her most Double Qualifiers in a row were 7


Chica Videos In Agility

11-28-10 Exc. Std.  Just flying low.

1-21-11 Exc. JWW  Pretty impressive 6.75 YPS on stall matting!

9-07 Novice JWW - Watch the ending!  Pretty impressive for a green pup!

11-07 Exc. JWW - First time in Exc. JWW and had the fastest time of all dogs in that class.

9-09  Exc. Std - Working on Fast and Quick Release Contacts. 

Other videos can be viewed on youtube.com   The "tag" words are Chica and Cindy Brick.

AKC Obedience Titles
Companion Dog (C.D.)

The winter of 2007 was long and very snowy.  It was decided that Chica and I would begin training for Novice Obedience and put in 2 months worth of training before showing.  What a smart little girl.   

2-2-08  TRDTC  198 and First Place  Judge – Sharon Hodgen - Wood
2-3-08  TRDTC 198 and First Place  Judge – Lynn Tamms
4-12-08  WRKC– 195.5  and First Place and Judge – Joanna Yund
Completed CD in 3 consecutive shows!

Video of Obedience Novice Performance

Companion Dog Excellent (C.D.X.)

The winter of 2008 was long and very snowy.  It was decided that Chica and I would begin training for Open Obedience and put in 2 months worth of training before showing.  We had to show in Open B as I had completed an OTCH on
2  previous dogs many years ago.

1-31-09  TRDTC  197 Judge – Jim Hamm
2-1-09  TRDTC 193 and Fourth Place  Judge – Norman Aguirre
Chica was feeling happy and lost 3 points, 1 for each bark on this run.
Glad she is happy to be doing Obedience. 
4-11-09  WRKC 197  Judge - Sharon Hodgen - Wood
Completed CDX in 3 consecutive shows!!!

Video of Chica's First Open Obedience Performance


Utility Dog  (U.D)

2-6-10    TRDTC  Judge – Cindy Rustad 195.5
2-7-10    TRDTC  Judge – Phil Rustad  197 was in run off for 4th.
2-5-11  TRDTC  Judge – Dick Woods  195+  Won run off for 4th
Completed UD in 6 shows.  Average tries for this title is 23. 

Link for Chica's final UD leg performance
Click on BC picture to the left. 




Just having a blast!  Can you say tight turn!!!










Photo by Great Dane Photography











Above Photos by Lloyd Fulcer

Chica just hanging out at home                                                            Chica's favorite summer sport


                 Chica's favorite toy is a mouse.  A very girly type of toy.

                  Her brother Chi who lives far away, has a favorite toy

                   as well...but his is a Rat!!!!  How coincidental.  See Chi's page

                   for pictures of Chi and his Rat. 









Chica loves to go to the

Nursing Home to visit

her friends






Spring 2011
Planned Breeding of Chica to Streak

OffOn A Blue Streak AX, MXJ, XF, HIC, CGC, EAC, EJC, ECC,

Click on Border Collie to see Chica and Streak running USDAA
                       Starter's Pairs Relay   June 2009  First Place

See additional videos from the link on Chica's puppy page.







The Snow Queen


Click on The Snow Queen Picture

to View Chica - A Year in Review.